Towards a fair, healthy, sustainable, circular and more plant-based food system

About the FOOD 2030 Online Platform

There is an urgent need to make the food system more fair, healthy and sustainable. The EU is addressing this in several policies and strategies such as the EU Food 2030 Policy Framework, the EU Farm to Fork Strategy, and the EU Missions. Food system transformation is also a central part of the EU Bioeconomy Strategy, the European Urban initiative and the EU Fit for 55 Package.

The EU-funded project – CLEVERFOOD – is developing the FOOD 2030 Online Platform as part of its efforts to organise a joined-up approach to transforming the food system for the benefit of the people and the planet. The platform will be the home of two networks: the FOOD 2030 Project Collaboration Network and the FOOD 2030 Connected Lab Network.

By joining these networks you will be able to:

  • Expand your own network and join forces with like-minded projects;
  • Share successful practices and explore synergies;
  • Receive targeted support and develop new competences;
  • Collaborate on activities and organize joint events;
  • Showcase your project results and maximize impact;
  • Influence policymaking and inform future EU legislation.

The CLEVERFOOD project

CLEVERFOOD will help to get European citizens – ranging from youth and children, to farmers and investors, to researchers and policymakers – more involved in transforming Europe’s food system.
It will pave the way for a fair, healthy and sustainable food system, one that is more circular and plant-based. To do this, it will support new and current projects, partnerships, networks and other initiatives with a joined-up and collaborative approach.

CLEVERFOOD will mobilise society to transform food systems by establishing and operationalising the FOOD 2030 Project Collaboration Network and the FOOD 2030 Connected Lab Network, and implementing three major change mechanisms:

  1. Policy Labs,
  2. Living Labs and
  3. Pan-European multi-actor and public engagement.